Theatre roles

Poor People – Róth Icik, innkeeper
Evenings in St. Petersburg – The Russian Emperor
On the roads in Brussels – Herrold, spokesman
Haughty woman – Aladár, waiter
The glamorous monster – István, Anna’s love
Career choice – Daniel, the successful actor
Under every window – Jancsi, the killer
Once upon a time we live or the sea seems null and void – Arnold, the mentally ill
The tragedy of Man – Man
Operett – Hufnágel
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Lysander
Whip of God – Ataulf, Gothic warrior
Three sisters – Rode, Vladimir Karlovich, Lieutenant
Good evening summer, good evening love – Boy
Saint Johanna – Bertrand de Poulengey
St. Johanna – Courcelles canons
William Shakespeare: Hamlet – Marcellus
Patriot us! “Lieutenant Stefan Kovacs, Kupfer’s assistant.”
Csongor and Tünde (drama) – Berreh
Seagull (drama) – Medvedevenko
The Venetian squid – Francesco, and Prince of Morocco
Mephisto (novel) – Little Willi Böck
As you like – Célia
Labyrinth of Happiness – Miki, journalist

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