He was born into a musical family, his father (Károly Berki), his mother (Mónika Berki), and his sister (Vanessa Berki). He was born on June 19, 2004, in Nagykároly.

As a young artist:
In 2015, at the age of 12, he joined the Hungarian acting group at the encouragement of her mother. Erzsébet Kolbaszer, who noticed his talent, with her help, Patrik was able to play one of the protagonists of “Szegenylegenyek” tragicomedy. Later he got a role in the Evenings of St. Petersburg, On the Roads of Brussels, Mrs Haughty, The Glamorous Monster, Career Choice, Under Every Window, Once Upon a Time or The Sea Fades Into a Void, Tragedy of Man, Three Sisters, Good Evening Summer, Good Evening Love, St. Johanna, Csongor and Tünde, Seagull, Mephisto, As You Like It and The Labyrinth of Happiness, where he also played main characters. As a child actor, he worked in several theatres, the audience could see him on Hungarian and Romanian television in 12 pieces, I would mention: Poor Bachelors, St. Peter’s Evenings, Three Sisters, Good Evening Summer, Good Evening Love, etc. He reached a great reputation, he got to know the acting profession in a matter of moments, he has received a lot of recognition. He also takes on voice acting, synchronisation roles. Despite his young age, he has a professional background and experience. Beyond his age, he performs the role entrusted to him with precision and attention. After completing his studies, he intends to apply to the Theater-Film University in Budapest. In 2017, he founded a company where he wrote and directed theatrical productions.

As for the Performing Arts:
He first sang on stage in 2015 as a soloist with a small band. In 2016, at just 13 years old, he was invited by the European Union to perform as a guest in Brussels. Where he presented prose and gypsy songs to national representatives, secretaries of state, ministers, in the Parliament of the European Union. From that moment on, he appeared in every newspaper, taking the stage in plenty of places. He was considered an outstandingly talented young boy. In 2018, Tünde Balogh had a joint performance with a Hungarian singer / gypsy singer. His first album, “I Don’t Know My Life,” was released in 2018, and in 2019, he released the major albums “I’m Going to the Night to Have Fun” and “The Dawn Begins to Split”. His fourth record and his first DVD will be available soon with world-famous Hungarian-Gypsy artists behind him, including the soloist of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, and the Gypsy orchestra of violinist Zoltán Mága. The recording was made by the staff of “Hatoscsatorna”. The recording was directed by Robert Diener, Lilla Paor, and Patrik Berki. He is also featured in his own song show on one of the popular television channels. In 2020 he will be officially crowned with the little prince prize. The prize dreamed of by Miklós Andrásné Gànyi – Abigél Gànyi who is an art supporter, marketing and advertising specialist.
”The Hungarian song or the genre of gypsy songs, a difficult genre. Those who understand it, know. It’s not just about singing well enough, you need to be able to convey the feelings, cheerfulness and sadness inherent in the songs of many hundreds of years to the audience. There are songs that have shaped and are shaping up over the centuries to express everyone’s grief or joy. It has to be sung authentically to people, be it a record or a concert. ” Perhaps the most important factor in Patrik Berki’s career in music, acting and writing is credibility. This is the key to the wonderful feeling that captures a person when listening / reading / watching his songs, books, roles. No matter the medium, which can be a tiny restaurant or the largest, most famous concert arenas in the world, the immersive performance is an unforgettable experience. Numerous records, books, roles preserve his work. Patrik Berki’s musical repertoire is a “Hungarian music library” that preserves for the next generation all those hundreds of years of Hungarian and Roma values. “I feel it is an important mission of my young generation today, to get to know and love these songs again.” He is a regular participant in radio and television shows. He is one of the most talented children’s actors in Hungary and Romania, who already at the age of 14 received a job offer as a presenter and editor at Bredd Radio in Hungary. He will be appearing on a unique television show soon. It considers the preservation of traditions important, within which it preserves and disseminates the musical traditions customary among musicians. The branch of this art is the transmission of Hungarian songs, csárdás and gypsy songs to the spectator and the audience.

His motto: “With my art, I build a bridge of ingenuity between Roma and Hungarian people” He works for Hungarian and Roma culture. Patrik Berki is not hard to find on the internet, many posts and hits show he loves the world of social media without the clouds of a “bad-tasting celebrity” appearing around him. This may be because he represents, presents, and pays attention to real values.

As a director he has written and directed several plays.
In 2020 he directed his own DVD and television recording. He also directed a television crew.

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