Devil hid in the string (2020)

A musical, conversation television show that preserves Hungarian and Roma values. We talk to world-famous Hungarian and Roma artists about the great moments of life. These artists present special productions, accompanied by a gypsy band. The program is produced and hosted by young talent Patrik Berki. Those interested will soon be able to see it on television.

I play with a pure heart (2018)

A programme showing people’s opinions on TV1 in Satu Mare every Saturday. Widely known people are invited to the studio and try to guess the opinion of the general population on provocative, embarrassing, emotional issues. If the well-known person guesses correctly, they get points and it turns out who among their guests is most in line with the country. The presenter is the versatile talent Berki Patrik. Unfortunately, the TV1 channel was forced to cancel the programme due to copyright issues, so not all parts were aired.

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